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You are a private entrepreneur, a freelancer or a director of a big abroad company in need of conquering a new market? You can’t afford or simply don’t need a physical office, but want to have prestigious legal address and post address?

We have a perfect solution to your problem – a Virtual Office with a post service and a legal address in commercial and cultural centre of Barcelona. We’ll receive your correspondence and small packages and keep you informed!

Why choose us

  • Center of Barcelona
  • Low prices, flexible rates
  • International team
  • Multilingual staff
  • For Free: coworking in the centre of Moscow
  • Prestigious legal address

You can expand a basic Virtual office version to include renting of a phone number, secretary service, half an hour use of a meeting room. Furthermore you got a great opportunity to rent (for hours or days) a work space in our coworking – a personal office, a workplace or a meeting room for required amounts of time or a conference hall for your business arrangements!

DesksSee desks

Rate Hot Desks
1/2 day 
Hot Desks Dedicated Desks
1/2 day
Dedicated Desks
Prices / day 12 € 12 € 15 € 15 €
Prices / month 60 € 80 € 80 € 150 €
Working hours 5 hours/day 10 hours/day 5 hours/day 10 hours/day
Workplace free free permanent permanent
Internet 600 Mbit/с 600 Mbit/с 600 Mbit/с 600 Mbit/с
Security ok ok ok
Secretary       ok
Legal/address ok ok ok ok
Cloud 10Gb ok ok ok ok
Meeting room ok ok ok ok
Guests ok ok ok ok

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Try our coworking for free

Try a free test half a day at coworking Oficina24 in the centre of Barcelona.

Free trial access are from monday to friday between 9am to 7pm except public holidays.

To join this offer please send an e-mail to hello@oficina24.es specifying the hours and the date you would like to work in o call us and reserve your desk.

We have very flexible rates, so you can model your very own Virtual Office! Call us, so we could answer all your questions and help you to choose a suitable option for your business!



A Virtual Office rent could be useful for a very wide range of entrepreneurs and for all types of courses too:

Low prices and prestigious legal address for a beginner businessman; an opportunity to alert a new market of his presence for a big commercialist about to open his company’s branch office in Barcelona. Renting a Virtual office will not only help to save some money on an early stage of this business, but enables one to study a new market without investing in purchasing lodgment and therefore – not to take any risks.

Basic configuration of a Virtual Office (with legal address and post service) will cost you only 25 euro per month in our coworking! Nobody can compare with us in Barcelona!

About us

Our coworking, called Oficina24, has opened in Barcelona quite recently and we want to introduce it to you, to describe all services which we offer, as well as to say some words about opportunities of our center, its advantages and the prices for all of these.

Coworking Oficina24 it is a four-story building with a lift, situated in the centre of the city with a private entrance from the street and a reception, where you can get a consultation on any question. More than 60 persons can work together in our coworking simultaneously - there are multiple offices with tables and comfortable sofas as well as a possibility to work laying on the grass. All our offices are equipped with air conditioners and have ultramodern and reliable security systems. There are cosy rest areas, equipped for coworkers and their guests, where they can drink a cup of coffee, rest a little and have a nice conversation with a new interesting people.

For VIP-clients we have one special floor - with a bit different prices there, of course, but also with a wider number of services.

There is only one thing you should know about our prices on offices and work places - they are incredibly low, you could call it almost free in comparison with the average prices of commercial buildings in the centre of Barcelona. You can rent our office for 200 euro per month and you shouldn’t pay any taxes and agency commission; you shouldn’t trouble yourself about security alarms, house keeping, internet connection and electricity payments.

Offices, work places and meeting rooms - all of them are well appointed, has a good telephone and Internet connection (300Mb). For saving information you´ll receive a 10 Gb data Cloud and the Virtual Office service you can receive just for 25 euro per month.

Moreover, our coworking has a few multi-function halls and experimental space with a lawn which can be very multifunctional: for instanse they may be used for different photo sessions and business-training activities, brainstorming sessions and conferences.

Our regular clients receive very good discounts on different services and on using additional spaces of our centre. All our prices include: use of the open meeting zones; simultaneous attendance of two visitors (in specially designated areas); use of scanner, printer, laminator, sticher; relaxing area with TV, pool-table and so on; insurance for the cases of equipment thefts, zoned climate control, Internet 300 Mb/sec, cleaning services, electricity and water. Is a four-story building with a lift and is adapted for disabled persons.

Our rates include too: legal address, use of the meeting room (once a day under 2 hours), paper print (up to 50 copies per month), data centre (10Gb), use of a conference room (once a month), workshop space (one month a year).We run different campaigns frequently to make the work in our coworking more beneficial and pleasant not only for us but for our clients too.

So, we invite you to join in with us, for we have a lot of interesting plans and ideas on our future: recently we opened the Business Club both for Russian and Spanish entrepreneurs, in these year plans we have different courses, training sessions, master classes and other interesting events.

To get some information about our prices and services you can use our web-site or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Coworking.Oficina24.Barcelona; or you can call us: 931 98 98 61; 608363441.



Send a request to rent or your question:


Oficina24 address
Arago 366, Barcelona, España
(+34) 93 198 98 61
(+34) 608 363 441


Metro Tetuan L2
  • after passing the turnstiles, turn right (to the Pg. de Sant Joan – Diputacio street)
  • walk 50m straight ahead and then turn left (Pg. de Sant Joan)
  • after passing by two crossroads, turn left on the third crossroad
  • walk 50m down the left side of the street and look for a sign: OFICINA24 (Arago 366)
  • ring a bell (a blue button)
  • pass through to the reception area



Aragó 366, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

telefono (+34) 931 98 98 61

e-mail hello@Oficina24.es

horario 9:00 - 19:00

3D tour 3D virtual tour


Metro Tetuan L2

  • after passing the turnstiles, turn right (to the Pg. de Sant Joan – Diputacio street)
  • walk 50m straight ahead and then turn left (Pg. de Sant Joan)
  • after passing by two crossroads, turn left on the third crossroad
  • walk 50m down the left side of the street and look for a sign: OFICINA24 (Arago 366)
  • ring a bell (a blue button)
  • pass through to the reception area
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Metro Tetuan

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